Votekick Settings

Our Match-API supports the native vote-kicking players feature, where any player can click "Esc" > "Call vote ..." > "Kick Player ...". When a player has been kicked from the match, they won't be allowed to re-join.



Here are all the commands to control the kick behavior:

sv_vote_issue_kick_allowedtrueAllow or disallow player kicking (true/false).
sv_vote_disallow_kick_on_match_pointfalseAllow or disallow votekicks on match point (true/false).
sv_vote_failure_timer300Set timeout (in seconds) to reattempt a failed vote.
sv_vote_timer_duration15Set vote duration (in seconds).
sv_vote_creation_timer120Set individual player vote call cooldown (in seconds).

You can override these commands by adding them to the gamemode_competitive_server.cfg of the server where the match is being played.

Example: Let's say you want to disallow kicking players. Then add the following to your server's config:

sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed			"false"