Below is our roadmap, detailing our current features and what's to come. We'll update it regularly to keep everyone in the loop.

Currently Supported

These features are already integrated with our Match-API.

🟢 Team Assignments via SteamID: Assign players to specific teams using their SteamID. They are placed in their respective teams when the match goes live.

🟢 Map Selection: Select any of the official CS2 maps or from the Steam Workshop.

🟢 Automated Demo Recordings: All matches are recorded through GOTV (if enabled). Post-match, these replays are accessible via API or FTP.

🟢 Auto-Start Timer After Full Connection: Matches start X seconds after all players have connected.

🟢 No-Show Auto-Cancel: If one or some players fail to connect within X seconds, the match gets canceled and a notification is sent via webhook.

🟢 Add Spectators via SteamID: Add users to the spectator slot based on their SteamID.

🟢 Live Match Stats Notifications: Receive instant round-to-round updates via webhooks, containing both team and individual player stats.

🟢 Custom In-Game Team Names: Customize how team names appear in-game, on GOTV, and more.

🟢 Configurable Tactical Pauses: Define the number and duration of tactical pauses for each team. Read more here.

🟢 Emergency Player Substitutions: Add players during live matches for unexpected situations or substitutions.

🟢 Cancel Ongoing Matches: Cancel an ongoing match and kick all players from the server. (Added 2023-10-26)

🟢 Steam Nickname Override: Display a player’s pro or platform nickname, overriding their name set in Steam. (Added 2023-11-28)

🟢 Technical Pause ('Honor' System): Call an indefinite tech pause and resume only after both teams agree. (Added 2023-11-28)


Coming Soon

These are next in line for integration.

🟡 Sides Selection via Knife Round: Play a knife round to determine the teams’ starting side (CT or T), using chat commands for voting.

🟡 Support for Round Backups: Adding support for manual round restore commands to backtrack the match to a previous state.


On the Horizon

Features we're planning for the distant future.

🔵 Player-Initiated Match Start: A match will start only after players mark their readiness using the (!ready) command.

🔵 Event-Driven Webhooks: Get deeper control with event-driven webhook notifications for various states throughout the match.

🔵 Sequential Matches on One Server: Design your unique BOX workflows and enable a new match to begin on the same server once the preceding match concludes.


Pending Updates

Features that rely on third-party updates.

🟠 Specific User as Coach: We aim to provide support for coaches as soon as Valve does.

🟠 Team Locks via SteamID: As technology progresses, we aim to instantly assign players to their respective teams upon connecting (currently only done when the match goes live).


Not Supported

Features we've chosen not to support.

🔴 Match-Series Control: We're not introducing a BOX endpoint for match series. Set up this sequence on your side, starting individual matches for each map.

🔴 In-Game Map Veto: We won't integrate in-game map selection. This process should be managed on your end.

🔴 Team Forfeit by Leaving: We won’t dictate match cancellation or completion based on early player exits. Design this process on your end in a way that suits you.