CS2 Match-API: Tech/Tac Pauses and Custom Nicknames


  • Added a new setting: settings.enable_tech_pause (default: false)
  • Added a new player parameter: players.nickname_override
  • Added chat command: !tac for tactical pauses



Tech pause is an honor system, allowing any player to initiate an indefinite pause at the next freezetime by typing !tech. To resume the game, one player from each team needs to type !unpause. There is no adjustability for duration and/or voting requirements.

There is a new parameter available in the player object: players.nickname_override. This allows you to set a custom nickname for each player, overriding their Steam names. If left blank, the player's Steam name is used by default.

With the addition of !tech, we've added another chat command: !tac. This command provides an alternative method to trigger a tactical timeout, though the commands for duration and length remain the same. To disable tactical timeouts, add mp_team_timeout_max 0 to your server config. Read more here on all tactical timeout configurations: Custom Configs - Tactical Timeout Settings


Check out all these new options in the API reference here: POST /api/0.1/cs2-matches