CS2 Match-API: Minor Adjustments

Some minor adjustments have been deployed to the CS2 Match-API to allow for a smoother experience:

  1. Players will now be marked as connected once they've loaded the map. Before, this would occur right after validating the SteamID, typically 5-10 seconds "too soon".
  2. When all players have connected, a chat message is sent to notify the players:

    ">>> All players connected. Teams will be auto-assigned in 30* seconds. Prepare for match start! <<<"

  3. Fixed an issue where the match wouldn't initiate if players joined the server too quickly following the POST request.


*The default value for settings.match_begin_countdown is 30 seconds. The message will adapt based on the value you set.

If you encounter any issues with the Match-API or have any feedback in general, reach out to us at [email protected]