CS2 Match-API: Hotfix Connect Flow


  • Players are now placed randomly into CT or T at connect, and auto-assigned when all players are connected.
  • Teammate colors are now displaying correctly on the radar and scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue with timings of the match start


Detailed information:

The recent adjustments we made to the connect flow, which placed 10 players on the T side during warmup, led to a problem where teammate colors weren't visible on the radar or scoreboard.

Now, when players connect, they'll be randomly assigned to either the CT or T team. After everyone has connected, they will be automatically placed on the correct team.

We understand that this player experience might be confusing to some who assume they'd be placed on the right team immediately. Our chat messages sent every 20 seconds are there to address these misunderstandings:

“>>> Teams will be auto-assigned once all players are connected. Enjoy FFA DM for now! <<<”

We will look into enforcing players onto their correct teams directly at first connect as soon as the technology allows for it.


If you encounter any issues with the Match-API or have any feedback in general, reach out to us at [email protected]