CS2 Match-API: GOTV Fixes


  • On match post, the server map group is now unset to prevent issues with match end map votes and other related issues.
  • Added a settings.wait_for_gotv parameter which can delay the stopping of the demo recording.


Detailed information:

When you're broadcasting a match with a tv_delay, it's required to delay the stopping of the demo recording to prevent a noticeable "lag" on the server. Stopping a demo triggers the server to flush the entire buffer to disk, a resource-intensive task that lasts a few seconds. This process also has an impact on the GOTV stream.

To address this, you should set the settings.wait_for_gotv parameter to true for matches in which you have live GOTV viewers. For matches where you're not spectating through GOTV, there's no need to enable this feature.

You can find this new parameter in the settings object here: POST /api/0.1/cs2-matches

Please note: The match_end webhook will continue to be sent 20 seconds after the match ends. For matches where you are using GOTV, you need to consider the tv_delay when managing the timing of your actions.